When You Need Answers to All Your Packaging Questions

If you’re looking for more specific answers to your packaging questions then look no further. Curious about packaging costs, specific products and materials, or how to optimize your space? Explore the answers submitted by our packaging experts. Save yourself some time and get the information before you call our offices.

General Packaging Questions

How can I reduce my total packaging cost?
When you contact us to reduce your packaging cost, our packaging consultants will ask you a series of questions to make sure we come up with the right solution that’s tailored to your needs. The total cost of packaging includes: cost of materials, packing labor, freight, storage, returns, and damage. Every one of these factors is an opportunity to cut costs. So get in touch to find out how much you could be saving.

Can you suggest eco-friendly packaging solutions?
You can help your company be more eco-friendly by changing the packaging you use, for example by choosing green materials like inflatable packaging or paper packaging. You can also opt for a reusable solution to cut down on waste or we can design lighter packaging to reduce your environmental footprint and save money. Contact us and find out how you can ship greener.

What if I need innovative protective packaging?
How your packaging looks has an impact on your brand and how professionally your company comes across. As they say, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. This is why it’s a bad idea to take short cuts when it comes to packaging. You are the experts at making your products; we are the experts at designing the right packaging solution to get your products where they need to go. Our design team has special training in a wide range of materials and solutions, and they will provide a proposal specific to your needs that optimizes the cost-performance ratio. Talk to one of our representatives today to set the ball rolling.

How can I save warehouse floor space?
Your warehouse’s floor space is a valuable commodity and its use should be optimised for efficiency. Storing racks of packaging materials adds no value and costs you valuable square footage. Our automated packaging equipment minimizes your warehouse footprint while ensuring maximum protection by creating the packaging you need right in your shipping department. Ask also about our AERIS custom inflatable packaging options.

Inflatable Packaging Questions

What are the costs surrounding making the change to air-chamber inflatable technology?

As long as your warehouse or packing station has an air compressor and a specific AERIS Inflator Kit you are set. Overall the investment is quite minimal and can often cost less than $200. You don’t require any specific molds or tooling to get things started up.

Does inflatable air-chamber packaging take up space when used for shipping?

Inflatable products typically take up significantly less space, which is a major part of their appeal to functional warehouses. One pallet worth of (uninflated) inflatable product is comparable to a whole truckload of bubble wrap or foam.

I already have secure packages with low breakage. What reason can you give me to switch to inflatables?

Inflatable products increase efficiency overall and, therefore, save you money in many different ways. They save you space, cost in shipping through reduced weight, and labour cost due the ease of use. Our available inflatable products can also be custom-made to your needs. Not to mention that all products are 100% recyclable, severely reducing waste and increasing peace of mind.

How long do inflatable stay inflated? What happens if an air cell breaks in transit?

Our products’ air chambers hold air pressure for a guaranteed two years without risk of air loss. Each air chamber is designed to deflate individually, so there is no risk of total air loss as all other air chambers will stay intact if one were to deflate.

Does air pressure in an airplane affect the inflatable packaging’s air-chambers?

All air-chambers in our products are designed to be inflated to an optimal air pressure. Any variations that an airplane would affect would not cause any issues for the fully inflated air-chambers.

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